Pole FHIIT & Fusion Workouts
**To reduce the risk of injury, make sure you have warmed up prior to participating in any physical activity. Always check that your pole is secure and properly installed, listen to your body, 
and use your best judgment. Participate at your own risk.**

Pole + HIIT = Pole FHIIT
These workouts combine the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) method with pole fitness to give you an incredible workout in a short amount of time. We will go hard for 20 seconds and low for 10 seconds for 4 minutes followed by a 1-minute rest, and then you guessed it... REPEAT!

Fusion Workouts
Yoga + Pole = Pole-ga! 
Barre + Pilates + Pole = Vertical Barre-lates! 
These workouts combine pole with yoga, barre, pilates, and more to give you the best of all. Want more cardio? Sweat and dance with cardio pole! 

In this workout, we will go hard for 20 seconds and low for 20 seconds using 4 moves, including what I call a "pole burpee". We will be using the reverse handstand/invert, shoulder mount grip, forearm press grip, and floor planks. Please do not attempt this workout if you are not comfortable with these interm/adv moves already.

This is a pole FHIIT style workout that focuses on moves for inverting strength. Uses stronghold grip moves and tuck/tilt core moves to prepare you for inverting and/or increase your strength and control in your inverts. *mat optional

Build long lean dancer legs and beautiful lines with this fusion workout. A fusion of pole, barre, and pilates, plus this workout includes a warm-up and stretch.

This workout fuses sun salutations, lunge variations, and low superwoman options into a fabulous head-to-toe flow. *Please have a mat and optional blocks.

Pole does a body good and this sequence will work that booty! This workout flow uses my favorite, big girly kicks, and pole plies blended with fitness moves that will really make you feel the burn in your booty!

This quick cardio pole routine includes dance and strength moves that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

This workout is a mixed pole fit cardio workout. Get ready to sweat!

Resources & Bonuses
Other videos, helpful tips & stuff.


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