I left "sick" care for "health" care to help you feel amazing.
Your story is unique, let's take control and figure out what's going to work for YOU!

A Little About Me
I'm Angela, a former ICU nurse that left "sick" care for "health" care.

... A wife, a mom, and a beach girl (I❤️ sun & sand)!  

I have always been fascinated with the body... how it functions, how it moves, how everything is connected, and how everything (good and bad) matters. Every action has a reaction.

I too have fallen for the latest and greatest "best thing"... trying to get from point A to point B as quickly and painlessly as possible. Yes! Please, sign me up!!

But, none of it seems to work or last
Frustrated, disappointed, and even a bit embarrassed...
I understand!

So, why doesn't it work? 
Because we are each as unique as our fingerprints. 

You need something that fits YOU! A plan designed to meet YOUR individual needs and fit YOUR personal life and situation. My ah-ha moment was when my husband became ill (read my story here). I recognized that we are all VERY unique with VERY different stories and everything about that MATTERS. 

Understanding YOUR story, YOUR life, YOUR body, and being curious about what is really going on, what's been going on. That's how we make the connections, figure out what works for YOU and discover what YOUR unique path needs to be.

As a Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, and Functional Nutrition Counselor, I am passionate about understanding my clients and their situation. Understanding how and why you got to where you are today uncovers how and what is needed to get you where you want to be... where you deserve to be.

There's a reason you are feeling the way you are feeling. There's a reason why the things you've tried aren't working. Let's uncover YOUR story, YOUR why, and YOUR path forward.

We can prevent, treat, and reverse so many things when we use nutrition & lifestyle as medicine. What we do (and don't do) really does matter. I have been working in health and fitness my entire adult life. You may not know what the "other side" looks like yet, but if you allow me to understand your unique story, we can take the journey together!

Ready to uncover your best self?

 You deserve to feel amazing.
How did you get here? Where do you want to be?? I will help you understand your body, how it functions, and how it interacts and reacts to your environment, diet, and lifestyle. Together, we'll address YOU. Yup, we are going to deep dive and get curious. This discovery process is empowering, builds confidence, and will put you in control of your health for good.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu

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