Cool-Downs, Stretches, & Flexibility
**To reduce the risk of injury, make sure you have warmed up prior to participating in any physical activity. Always check that your pole is secure and properly installed, 
listen to your body, and use your best judgment. Participate at your own risk.**
ALWAYS cool down with movements that gradually slow and gradually allow the heart rate to return to normal.
The cooldown is just as important as the warm-up and should be the last 5-10+ minutes of any workout, and the main goal is to return the heart back to normal. This is also the best time to stretch the muscles and work on flexibility and deep stretching. If you are working on flexibility and deep stretching, hold stretches for 30+ seconds. One thing you don't want to do after a workout, is to just stop, especially if you have been working hard and the HR is up. Keep moving and gradually move the body to a still point and to the mat. If you don't properly cool down, blood can pool in the lower extremities and cause lightheadedness.

Cool-Down Tips & Goals:
  • Gradually return the HR and body temp back to normal
  • Stretch muscles, especially the ones mostly used in the workout, and help prevent soreness
  • Work on flexibility (especially that would help improve the pole moves you are working on)
  • Deep stretching and flexibility training is done when the muscles are warm and loose (like at the end of a workout)
These stretches can be done as a cooldown or after an active warm-up/workout to increase flexibility.

This pole and mat cool-down option combines yoga & pole for an everyday cool-down or after an active warm-up/workout to increase flexibility.

This stretch sequence is a great cool-down stretch option for after any workout.  *mat optional

This cool-down stretch is done on the floor and uses the pole and mat.

This simple cool-down/pole stretch is perfect after any workout.

This cool-down stretch sequence focuses on moves that will help open your hips. I use moves both on and off the pole. *Mat and blocks are optional.

This cool-down is a mat stretch (no pole) with a yoga flow and deep stretching perfect for completing any workout.

Working on your pole splits? This sequence will take you through your R/L split and straddle using the pole to work your splits from all angles.  *Proper warm-up is a must. These stretches are recommended to be done at the END of your workout when the muscles are warm and responsive to deep stretching.


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