Mixed Pole Fit:  Mini-Workouts & Combos
**To reduce the risk of injury, make sure you have warmed up prior to participating in any physical activity. Always check that your pole is secure and properly installed, 
listen to your body, and use your best judgment. Participate at your own risk.**

These mixed pole fit & dance mini-workouts include a routine with spin/dance turn and climb & pose options/variations for all levels (unless specified). Some workouts also include an invert option for those already inverting. 
*These DO NOT include a warm-up/stretch or cool-down, so please choose a warm-up and cooldown from the library.

  • Complete a warm-up from the warm-up library.
  • Choose one of the mixed pole fit mini workouts below (around 30 min)
  • Optional:  add a strength or drills workout (either after the warm-up or before the cooldown).
  • Complete a cooldown from the cooldown library.
  • Tada! You've built your own workout!
Dance & fitness blend:  FH open spin, side-turn DT, fankick, FA press climb, sit & prance, and floorwork.

Dance & fitness blend: Fankick, BH open spin, Side Climb to SH FH pose, Pike sit, V-sit, and floorwork.

Dance & strength blend: floor-to-pole transfer and pole-to-floor transfer options! Side climb & pose and/or invert option, jasmine transition to floor option, swing full pirouette, big girly kicks.

Dance & strength blend:  Climb & pose, NG descend, kickaround DT, Shoulder mount/dismount options, Leaning cup spin, floorwork.

Dance & fitness blend:  Swing & knee hook, BH closed spin, Climb & pose options, layback option, spinning BH descend, floorwork.

Dance & Invert blend:  Thighrest DT to upright superman, V-sit sneak through to floorwork, Climb & pose upright ballerina, SM prance/SM option, back spiral to straddle invert options.

Dance & fitness blend:  Let's mix it up! This workout combines a little pole, a little yoga, and a little fitness into a great cardio strength workout for all levels. Includes: kickaround dance turn, front hook & roll spin, planks, girly kicks, and more.

Dance & fitness blend:  Back spiral spin, OA pirouette, big girly kicks, kick and slide options, floorwork.

Dance & strength blend:  Elbow dance turn variation, side climb & pose to back hook descend variation, back spiral spin with 3 variations including an invert option!
Dance & fitness blend:  Side climb & stand to SH FH pose options, swing & knee hook to pirouette, BGK, DB attitude/stag spin, floorwork.

Dance & fitness blend:  Kick n slide/SM prance options, floorwork, side climb SH FH options, elbow dance turn, straddle spin.

Dance & fitness blend:  Swing & knee hook, floorwork, tuck/cradle spin, climb and arch back pose, NG hold & descend options.

Dance & fitness blend:  Swing full pirouette to FH Open spin, floorwork, Side climb, Side knee/Cupid pose, SH pose options.

Dance & strength blend:  Chair spin, Climb & pike sit, Side turn DT, floorwork with OL hook floor to pole transition and/or Side climb with thighrest/jasmine/superman options.

Dance & fitness blend:  Short on time? This is a mini-workout that will make you sweat and works your body head to toe! Includes these moves: Drag-n-Fly Spin, floorwork, SM twists/options, SH Fankick, Pole Side Plank variations.

Dance & fitness blend:  Pole hop over DT, floorwork, shoulder rollover, low lift spin, climb & sit, v-sit, leaning cup spin.

Dance & fitness blend:  Only 15 minutes, but I promise it will have you sweating! I used pole dance and fitness moves to create an effective flow in a short amount of time. Includes: OA pirouette, lunge & curtsy, side dance turn, side planks, SH straddles, fire-up spin & more.

Dance & strength blend:  This routine will work your strength and cardio! Includes variations for Elbow Dance Turn, Side Climb & Pose/Invert options, Back Hook Closed Spin.

Dance & strength blend:  Elbow dance turn, side climb & pose or invert option, jasmine to superman, pole to floor shoulder rollover and back to pole, straddle spin, back spin.

Dance & strength blend:  Chair spin, FA stand options, Spinning backward side climb to SH pose/SM grip options, side turn.

Dance & fitness blend:  Elbow dance turn, straight-leg fireman/martini spin, floorwork, SM prance/kick n slide, climb & sit options.

Dance & strength blend:  Elbow DT, Drag n Fly Spin, floorwork, forward shoulder rollover, Climb & pose options with invert options.

Dance & fitness blend:  DB knee spin, Back spiral transition to floorwork, Side turn DT, Climb & pose options.

Dance & fitness: Step around/dip, BH open spin, and floorwork with a unique floor transition to bring you back up, side climb & pose option.

Dance & fitness blend:  This MPF workout is a low pole flow routine. FA press floor options, floor-to-pole transitions--low flow and dance. *Leggings/socks are required for the ability to slide and glide on the floor.

Dance & fitness blend:  This routine includes moves that will give you a great cardio & strength workout in under 20 min! Side turn, SH lifts, Floorwork, OL spin to full pirouette, FH crunches ..and more!

Resources & Bonuses
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