Sexy Pole & Floor Workouts
**To reduce the risk of injury, make sure you have warmed up prior to participating in any physical activity. Always check that your pole is secure and properly installed, 
listen to your body, and use your best judgment. Participate at your own risk.**
Feel strong & sexy with these workouts!
These videos offer a variety of sexy pole & floor workouts that will make you feel amazing! In some, we will wear heels, others socks, but feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in and that allows you to move freely throughout your space. Whether hard floor or carpet, make sure you can slide and glide. *Some workouts include a warm-up/cooldown and some do not, so read the description.

This workout takes you through a sexy floor flow that uses floor snakes, slides, pop-ups, and more. Add it to any build-your-own-workout option or to your own freestyle routines. *No warm-up/cooldown in this video. *Wear long leggings, and socks (or heels). *Knee pads are optional.

Complete warm-up, sexy pole and floor, and cool down, all in heels. This workout uses basic dance turns & spins so you can focus on the slow and sexy movement while gaining balance and control in those sexy heels.

This workout is a sexy pole & floor flow with heels. Some of the key moves included in this routine:  Elbow dance turn, big girly kicks, chair spin, floor moves, and more.  *Includes the routine breakdown and run-through, but no warmup/cool-down. 

This routine uses moves that will make you feel strong and sexy! BH spin to a V-Sit combo variation, shoulder rollover & more for a full strong, and sexy workout. *No warm-up/cool-down in this video. *Wear socks so you can slide and glide.

This sexy pole & heels routine includes routine breakdown and run-through, but no warm-up/cooldown. Routine includes:  BH open spin, floorwork, spin from floor, body rolls, climb and pose. *No warm-up/cooldown in this video.

This is a sexy pole routine with heels! Includes routine breakdown and run-through. *No warm-up/cooldown included in this video.


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